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I have been going back and forth with the thoughts of posting my characters here. There really is no reason for me to not post my characters here and there is only one group of people that may see themselves in what I speak of. I thought I made it clear to them that I never wanted to leave the guild in the first place, but the fact that I did goes against that. As a thought I have decided that I will eventually disclose if not all, most of my characters names/realms.

Just not today. I will work on just my declared mains. One is a only considered a main here for the purpose of hiding my true main from embarrassment, the other, is truly my main of that faction/server.

I will first say that my main realm is Norgannon, Hordeside. I transferred with my guild from Alexstrasza after the "additional instances cannot be launched" brought blizzard to offering free transfers off the realm back in about June or so of last year. I was a little torn at leaving the people I came to know on Alexstrasza, if not as direct friends, as people I expected to be around. That warlock who had EVERY enchant ever, I liked seeing him in trade chat just chatting on whatever non anal related thing was going on. And those people I would occasionally run with, I wouldn't see them pop onto my friends list anymore. Over all, the entire realm was annoyed with the situation and the only people who weren't affected by the instance server issue where those who were going into the high end raids. Even the Northrend dungeons/heroics were having problems.

If any of that looks familiar to you then you likely were in my guild because we were one of very few guilds who transferred over during that time.

After the transfer it was so much easier to get into an instance at any level range. I have come across the error only 4 times since we transferred, and all those times were after the release of the looking for dungeon feature allowing cross realm dungeon groups.

So you want a character, I surely will give you a peak at one of my toons on this server, not my main, but my first level 80 character: Ishamara. She prefers the presence of her cat, Stephan but has been known to be seen with a bear or core hound.

That would be my "declared main" for Norgannon. I also have a suite of characters on Antonidas with my main being the Very Freshly Minted Level 80 Paladin Druana*. If you will notice, this is a Alliance side character, and server (not that you can notice that). I picked the Paladin for its ease of leveling through grinding on multiple mobs, but I did it as holy. Yes, I specialized in holy and grinded on groups of mobs while questing between healing dungeons. This character is the first character that was able to fully benefit from leveling through dungeons with the new looking for dungeons tool. Most of the ques are instant for healers of just about any level but once you get to about 46 or so the ques get considerably longer until you can heal outland level dungeons. When you think about it the dungeons get considerably longer as well and by the time you are getting into your mid 40's you know if you will be continuing with the character on its way to level 80. I believe lots of people put down characters at this point for various reasons.

So I ended up grinding on more mobs during those levels in a holy spec but tanking gear. It doesnt help that the prize bag for putting up with the AWESOME 4 others in the randoms always seemed to steer me towards tanking.

If you have been a healer making the transition from one expansion to the next (vanilla wow to bc and bc to wrath) you will have noticed the differences in the expansions. Vanilla wow was more orinted towards crowd control and tank and spank but is rather easy to just plain out gear even at level. Bc and Wrath entry dungeons have much more party damage than the vanilla dungeons and sometimes actually require the use of LOS**. Add that to the inherent flaw with the dungeon system (pulling people from a series of ranges and gear levels to form a group that is at least mathematically able to succeed) and you get problems that occur at the entrance levels of the expansion dungeons. For most of my time in outlands after hitting level 63 I was healing dungeons in Terrokar forest. These dungeons are pretty low on group damage and dont really hit all that hard. The problem comes into play when I as a level 68 am still healing these dungeons, mid outland level dungeons. My gear has, so far, come from these instances.

I walk into a wrath dungeon at level 69 to heal and I am still wearing the gear from mid level outlands dungeons. And since i hardly ever get to quest before a dungeon que pops, my gear is abysmal for this content. Add to that the almost exclusive single target at a time healing style of the paladin, the almost exclusive multi-target damage of the wrath dungeons as a whole and the lack of ability to roll on anything non plate (coupled with my -absolute denial- of the option of "begging") and I decided to just build a ret set. I ended up farming a bunch of herbs to gather enough money to buy dual spec at level 70 and set ret as secondary specilization and bought some gear to allow for actual competative dps in a group environment.

* The day after I hit 80 on this character, my game time expired and I dont have the funds to restart it at the moment. Yes, i am bummed beyond belief.
** Mention LOS and I will think you are tanking god on a dungeon run.
*** If you noticed the lower case "i" for a pronoun usage, I know, I am trying to kick the habit but every messaging program I have auto corrects it. I will eventually get a whole post without the incorrect case. Typing in this box is helping a bit.

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