Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My characters

An intro to my characters of course.

I did have one of these on my old blog, way back in the day when I had my own domain name, but since my domain went afk and was grabbed by some other company, I decided to just stick it out here on blogger, tis cheaper too, this way.

So, on to the chars.

I have a slew of level 80's that is only missing a few classes, the classes of mage and paladin will be played by Cataclysm combos. No mage or pally goodness for you, sorry.

Druid, my main character is set to raid heal just about any normal raid, 10 mans would be prefered, mostly because my comp cant handle 25 mans as an integral class. Has a set of gear for Feral tank that would be fine in a regular Naxx run. Tauren Female.

Hunter would be my second main, was actually the first i leveled to 80 because of my inability to raid regularly on my druid at the time Wrath came out. Dual specced Beast Master/Survival.
After those two, my preference gets fuzzy. Tauren Female.

Warlock is the third character i got to 80, mainly because of the ease of leveling a class with a pet. Even for a clothie class. Dual Specced Destro/Affliction. Blood elf Female.

Shaman is dual specced Resto/Enh and is getting up there on the damage chats, being able to hold over 2000 dps in just about any heroic. The less tank movement the better, idiot tanks. Gear for Resto isnt quite up to par for heroics yet. Tauren Female.

Priest is dual specced Disc/Shadow and does reasonable damage in shadow form even while wearing 2pc tier 9 healing gear.  I am rather hesitant to use her Disc spec in a group setting, only because most groups now adays would blow thru her mana in an instant with the lack of good/competent dps. Undead Female.

Warrior is dual speced Prot/Arms with just under the heroic defense cap. I leveled this guy prior to the 3.3 dungeon finder tool so even though he leveled as prot, he has never tanked. Took up arms to be able to run heroics without fear of being uberfail. Orc Male.

Rogue was only leveled because I had need to open lockboxes with skill level 400 required. I dont have this character up to heroic status yet and dont plan to until the last possible moment if ever. Heck, I can't even remember his spec. Troll Male.

All the above are my level 80 characters.

My dk is level 60 at time of writing but will likely ding next time I quest a bit with her. Troll Female.

Thus ends the nitty-gritty post of current characters, just for completion, gonna put my Cataclysm combos next.

Goblin Mage, only because I couldnt make a goblin dk and still quest through the starter area.

Tauren Paladin, one i have been looking forward to long before it was announced, the lore is there and the stretch some may think may have needed for the inclusion of this combo wasnt really a stretch at all, when you think about it. But of course I am of the thought that sooner or later there is no reason not to have all class/race combos. Wow is a social world after all and there is already lore that the mage class has a bit of healing abilities, of course, that may have just been me looking at the dragon-mage wrong.

/wave until next time.

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