Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blog Azeroth

Since I dont have any real stories to share and I have this blog, I need to write something in it. I know, lots of time since my last post but I have the right to ignore my own blog, plus, this place is mainly for my thoughts and less because I WANT you to read it. I will let you read it though, cause I am just nice like that.

So I have decided to look for different topics to talk about, those memes and such. They look fun to get into and I do enjoy the idea of writing about some of them. Since most of my current web browsing is related to World of Warcraft, it wasn't much of a stretch for find topics specific to WoW. I will eventually track down other places for endless thoughts on writing. So, the nice ladies and gents at Blog Azeroth will be my current inspiration (to deal with the fact that my comp is falling behind the requirements of WoW very quickly and it is just about impossible to play at some times during the day.)

Yeah, I am nuts, I actually enjoyed those "write your thoughts on this" essays in school.

If you see a place where my grammer is nuts, I blame hillbillies.

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