Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Healium addon WoW

O_O wow. Just wow. I was looking at this addon cause a heals in a 5 man dungeon I was running was having terrible trouble healing when the tank wasnt the dungeon lead.

Lets just say, my first thought was cool. My second thought was O_o omg this is garbage. You are essentially suppling buttons next to your party members, not a terrible idea except that these buttons are the same buttons for every member. The addon takes up a ton of space for a 5 man and does not in any way replace any unit frames. Granted I still havent gotten rid of my party frames when i am using grid but at least I dont have to rely on the buttons next to the frame to heal with grid.

Heck, push comes to shove i would acutally recommend ANY addon save this one. Vuhdo (which i am sure is great, i just cant get past the config stage), healbot, even just using default frames.

Go, google Healium and tell me that you dont think that that would take up terrible amounts of space in a raid environment.

I shall also say that the heals seemed to be druid who forgot he had hots. *steps out to armory character*

Wow, this dude not only forgot he had hots, has both rejuvenation glyphs and DID NOT spec into living seed, so, he was only playing at being a nourish or HT druid and wasn't specced right to support it. The heals he used are as follows and no, I didn't cut anything off. He only used 6 spells.

1. Regrowth 162 190751 (58%)
2. Healing Touch 18 78250 (24%)
3. Tranquility 10 20765 (6%)
4. Wild Growth 65 20092 (6%)
5. Rejuvenation 19 16165 (5%)
6. Lifebloom 10 4153 (1%)
7. Glyph of Rejuvenation 1 479 (0%)

If you are a resto druid DO NOT USE THE Healium ADDON. You have many hots and you are totally gimping yourself by not using them.

I absolutely love that rejuve is what his glyphs support but he only used it 19 times. I will spontaneously giggle every time I think of that.

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