Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reasons why I declined the group role check...

I always have wondered why a person would sign up for a dungeon through the looking for dungeon feature and then not actually accept come time to enter. Some of these are easy to identify, that person who waits until the timer has expired, yeah, they are afk. I have had mine pop when I was up going to the bathroom before so I can see how someone may have stepped away for half a minute to miss the role check.

I have also decided that I want to quest during my time searching for a dungeon so I purposely sign up as dps to HAVE the wait time. Gives me some time to get more xp/gold under my belt. Yeah, my characters that can heal have a set for doing so and some times, the almost insta-que of a heals appeals to me. But every so often I have to step back from my game and say, "healing another dungeon will make me go mad." So queue dps for both the wait time and my own sanity. Gathered some +hit gear for my druid and changed my second spec from feral (bear) for grinding to boomkin to be able to run as dps in a group setting. I never ever ever run out of mana since I am still using most of my +spirit/Mp5 gear but I can do enough dps to be around top every time. Sure, I dont want to set foot in a raid with that gear but for heroics, tis peachy.

Back to the topic. There have been times when I was questing while queued where i just decide i want to die, or more importantly a mob says that I need to die. And, at times, those walks are horrendously long so i choose to quest somewhere else and take the spirit healer option. Doesn't fail, i decide to go spirit heals and gain the 10 minute debuff and my LFD queue pops up. I dont want to hassle 4 other people so I click decline. Makes me sad to have waited all that time just to decline but i would rather not put my actions onto another 4 people like that. I have also been told multiple times in my life that i am too nice/generous. /shrug

What really bugs me though is a heals or tank signing up for a dungeon and then declining. I can see a few times where this may be appropriate, but really only if they have to gather reagents or repair before coming in. Course, they probably also queue in route to repairing/buying reagents and forgot they were in such high demand that they would have the dungeon pop up immediately.

Then there was one time where a healer had just dinged and had trained and for some odd reason had to reorganize all her bars, took 5 minutes for her to do that. I wouldnt have queued for a dungeon until my character was ready to go/I was ready to heal.

I know I dont have any readers, but if for some odd reason you happen by and have thoughts on the subject, go ahead, I want to hear them.

*Wintergrasp approaches I may decline a queue if I wont be able to get through a dungeon in time to get to wintergrasp. I can queue for a dungeon 45-1 hour away from wintergrasp start and not get an invite to it until 10 minutes till wintergrasp.

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