Monday, April 12, 2010

No comments = better bloggers?: Blog Azeroth Shared Topic

One of the things that can make us happiest as bloggers is seeing e-mails notifying us of comments on our blogs. However, if we took that away - and the influence it may have over our writing - would we become better bloggers?

Would writing what it really is you want to write make you truer to the purpose that you started the blog for? To write exactly whatever is in your head, rather than worrying about whether or not anyone will find it "interesting" or "good enough" to comment on? For the joy of writing?

Or are comments integral to your blogging experience and if you don't have them, you don't write?
I am still writing this blog without actually publishing it anywhere. It isnt that I wish to keep my thoughts seperated from others, just that I dont think my thoughts are worth pushing onto others that may not want them. My blog will end up being more than just WoW. I just dont have anythign else to actually comment about at the moment. I dont like setitng standards that may end up changing drasticly later. So this blog is about what I do and is only here because I wish to write about some things but isnt here specifically for feedback. I had a website for nearly 5 years and never had the need to actually promote it more than just linking in a signature.

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