Wednesday, April 7, 2010

World of Awecraft...?: Blog Azeroth Shared Topic Recap

A suggestion from me here...

In a random conversation with a good friend of mine, whilst he bubbled his way off Thunderbluff after collecting the elders achievement, was how we first felt that very first time we encountered the ?? of a high level of the opposite faction.

It became very much like, "i remember my first time that..." and one of the things I remember was how in awe I was off this big tauren who came and stomped his/her way through Astranaar, killed all the NPCs and in my tiny, level 20 druid mind I thought - I CAN HELP!!! I cast a rejuv on a guard, and he /laugh ed at me, and one shotted me.

I was bewildered, confused and totally in awe.

There were many times during my first year on WoW I was awed by something or other - even when I walked into Naxx as a level 80 for the first time, I felt awed.

I'd be curious to see if we can get bloggers writing about what gave them that sense of wonderment when they started playing WoW, started PvPing, started raiding...whatever it was that made you gasp!

This is the first shared topic I have come across that was in the past when I did it, most of the ones I come across I can write and set to publish later. Instead of setting this post-time-I-wrote-it I decided to just put the little recap in the topic to show that it is an older topic that I am visiting.

I was in awe of everythign when i first started, the different playstyle from what i had previously played (diablo 2), the different character models and the different areas/environments.

I thought it was awesome that some of the old azeroth areas had actual weather and the whole place seemed to change because of it.

I loved the different professions I could do and the fact that I could fish when I was waiting for my bf to get home. Just about every aspect of the game has an awesome quality to it. It is truely a great game.

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