Thursday, May 13, 2010

Heals classes, overview

Yeah, if you stumbled across this site somehow (which would be pretty hard considering I barely even advertise it anywhere) you may like to know a little bit about my thoughts (obviously).

So, an overview of the different healing classes at level 80

Druid: my first level 80 healer, level feral to 78 grinding on mobs and then switched to balance for picking up spell gear. After a bit of farming, switched to resto/feral. Druid heals is what i have done in raiding most and we excel at steady damage raid wide. I actually would recommend a druid healer above almost all other specs for any kind of group play.

Priest: My second level 80 healer and leveled as holy to 70 and then went disc. Did a bit of a stint early 80 career as a shadow priest to gain the spell gear via dungeons (you know, without dying or killing everyone else, yeah, a little sly of me but still.) Pre 70 holy absolutely rocks for group damage as well. Disc is really nice as well. I recommend either spec for a beginner healer as my first choice, especially for someone who is new to the game of healing. Remember that Disc focuses on preventing damage and holy focuses on healing through it.

Shaman: My third level 80 healer (giggles) and I have yet to heal a heroic with her. I found a love of enhancement play and have been playing in dungeons as enhancement most of the time. As for ease of healing, of the classes, third choice. Mail gear is hard to come by pre 80 and itemization is just wonky.

Paladin: My fourth heals at 80, and my most recent addition to the team of heroic healers, I put aside my heals set to focus on my dps set after hitting 70. I always had a cobbled together heals set but nothing up to the level of my dps set, now though, they are getting closer to average ilevel and I am confident that I can keep up most groups lacking any kamikaze stratagies. The Paladin is probably the class that is hardest to get used to for me. The lack of group heals really hurts in todays group wide damage days. I still do not look foward to doing anything above the original wrath heroics (no toc, icecrown) because of the lack of mana regen. Yes, i need to stack mucho more intellect.

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