Monday, May 10, 2010

Healing spells across classes

EDIT 2011 April, 30: This is likley outdated now with the changes to healing in 4.X so totally disregard this post :) .

 I decided to go through my spells on all my character (by copy/pasting the spells from the wiki) and singling out the spells that may be of benefit for a heals to use so that I can more easily sort out how my clique bindings will work for each of my classes of heals (yes, I play them all, I collected them all too until HeartGold/SoulSilver but that is another thing)

Some notes: Multi heals are more fluid, affecting who ever they feel like. Party heals are for only you and up to four others in your numbered party, and group or raid heals are for anyone. I decided to not split the paladin hands and put them all up there. I did not remove spells that are trumped by other spells (the non-hot cures, that bastard priest heal, Paladin purify) or add spells that are the result of glyphing.

I noticed a bit of a problem with the increase effectiveness portion as I went through the more support oriented paladin and disc priest specs where the spells cover more than just +something but still do not actually heal a target.

My initial goal with this was to cut apart the spells and place them on a model 5 button mouse for placement, our printer is broken so this is the closest I can get now. I still will probably end up doing the above just for the thrill of possible paper cuts :D . 

  1. Shaman
    1. Increase effectiveness
      1. Tidal force (increase crit on healing wave, lhw, ch)
      2. Natures swiftness
    2. staple heals
      1. lesser healing wave
      2. Healing wave
    3. Multiple heals
      1. Chain heal (multi heal)
    4. Rez
      1. Ancestral Spirit
    5. Debuff/enemy buff management
      1. purge (magic on enemy)
      2. cure toxins (poison and disease)
      3. Cleanse spirit (poison, disease, curse)
      4. Mana tide totem
    6. Hots
      1. Earth Shield
      2. Riptide (hot)
  2. Druid
    1. Increase effectiveness
      1. Innervate
      2. Natures swiftness
    2. Staple heals
      1. Healing touch
      2. Nourish
      3. Swiftmend (requires regrowth or rejuvination)
    3. Multiple heals
      1. Tranquility (party only)
    4. Rez
      1. revive
      2. Rebirth (brez)
    5. Debuff/enemy buff management
      1. Cure poison
      2. remove curse
      3. abolish poison (dispel over time)
    6. Hots
      1. Rejuvination
      2. regrowth
      3. Wild growth (multi heal)
      4. Lifebloom (stacks to 3)
  3. Paladin
    1. Increase effectiveness
      1. Divine plea (mana gain, self only, decrease heals sells during duration)
      2. Sacred shield (absorbs damage and increases paladin chance to crit with fol)
      3. Aura mastery (concetration aura includes silence and interrupt immunities during duration, all other auras increased 100%)
      4. Divine illumination (mana cost of spells reduced)
      5. Divine Favor (next fol, hl, or hs will crit)
      6. Beacon of light (heal two in one! utility only base spell has no heal associated)
      7. Hand of freedom (movement impairment immunity)
      8. hand of salvation (reduces total threat by 2% every second)
      9. Hand of sacrafice (transfers 30% of damage per hit to caster - share your pain)
      10. Hand of reckoning (single target taunt with damage)
      11. Avenging Wrath (omg forgot it in the first writeup)
    2. Staple heals
      1. flash of light
      2. Holy Light
      3. Holy shock (offensive or defensive)
      4. Lay on hands (health, higher ranks include mana return)
    3. Multiple heals
      1. No Direct multi target heals
    4. rez
      1. redemption
    5. debuff/enemy buff management
      1. Cleanse (poison, disease and magic removal)
      2. purify (disease and poison)
    6. hot
      1. No straight apply-able hot.
    7. Shield
      1. Divine protection (self shield)
      2. Hand of protection (physical attack shield)
      3. Divine shield (pally bubble - reduces damage by 50%)
      4. divine intervention (last minute "soulstone" anyone but yourself, preferably a rezzer)
  4. Priest
    1. Increase effectiveness
      1. fear ward (3 minute fear shield, dispelled on use)
      2. Divine spirit (spirit increase)
      3. Hymn of hope (restore mana to three nearby Group/raid members, temporarily inceases total max mana by 20%)
      4. Disc: Inner focus (reduces mana cost of all spells by 100% and increases crit 25% if possible)
      5. Disc: Power infusion (increase cast speed by 25%, decrease mana cost of spells 20%)
      6. Disc: Pain suppression (reduces target threat by 5%, reduces damage 40% increases resists to dispels 65%)
      7. Holy: Lightwell ((lol)) (self serve pot'o'heals)
      8. Holy: Guardian spirit (on death)
    2. Staple heals
      1. Lesser heal
      2. heal
      3. Flash heal
      4. Greater heal
      5. Disc: Penance (offensive or defensive)
      6. Holy: Desperate prayer (self heal)
    3. multiple heals
      1. Holy: Circle of healing (group heal 5 targets)
      2. Holy nova (aoe heal around caster)
      3. Prayer of healing (party heal)
      4. prayer of mending (heal on damage with multi heal)
      5. binding heal (heals target and caster)
      6. Divine hymn (multi heals 3 group/raid memebers, adds +healing done buff)
    4. rez
      1. resurrection
    5. debuff/enemy buff management
      1. dispel magic (magic on ally or enemy)
      2. Abolish disease (dispel over time)
      3. Mass dispel (dispel magic in targeted area)
      4. cure disease
    6. hot
      1. renew
    7. shield
      1. Power word: sheild

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