Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reasons Why I declined Role Check as a Tank

Through leveling the paladin and druid tanks to levels 56 and 64 respectively I have found a few stretches where I as a tank did not have an instant que. Some of these times I was actually in queue for whole MINUTES. If you dont have a class you tank on you dont know how much of a deal this is. Is the random dungeon finder broken? *hovers over eye* no, but darn it! looks like we are short a heals /facepalm

so I go off and do other things, go to the bathroom, check my email, start writing something, play pokemon... You know, something away from wow.

Only time I have ever declined the role check as a tank though was when I was off doing something on non-wow and just did not hear the queue sound

/" some times we all make mistakes

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