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Untruncated version of suggestions of Druid class design post for official blizz site

Altaholic with druid main: ignore the character to left. [who is my warlock]

I broke it down into feral bear and kitty, moonkin and heals cause they are each VASTLY different playstyles despite all being under the header druid. Dont trick yourself into thinking that it isnt true.

What type of content do you focus on? [PvE/PvP/Both]
Feral (bear): pve dungeons on alt while leveling
Feral (kitty): pve and pvp
Moonkin: quested from 80-85 after the shattering as moonkin. few pve groups during leveling
Heals: Pvp and pve

If PvE, what type of PvE? [Heroics/Raids/Other]
General: Limited play time + huge learning curve for heroics in the RDF's = fewer heroics and few if any raids. The heroics have gotten far better than they were at the beginning of cataclysm due to people learning the encounters but the wrath heroics at 15-30 minutes were pretty ideal for me. In short, heroics should be harder than regulars but not mini-raids especially when heroics are a must for gear accumulation (points/materials for professions, I powerleveled LW without chaos orbs cause I didnt do heroic dungeons) even after raid ready.
Feral (bear): dungeons at level, quests at/near level on alt
Feral (kitty): heroics, looking to raid shortly after another piece or two of gear.
Moonkin: dungeons at level during 80-85
Heals: regular dungeons after hitting 85

If PvP, what type of PvP? [Arenas, BGs, Rated BGs]
Feral (bear): battlegrounds during leveling process on alt
Feral (kitty): occassionally bg when I get thrown in there mid battle. have started to collect a pvp set for feral though.
Moonkin: battlegrounds at level 70. Yeah, moonkin pvp isnt my cup of tea.
Heals: battlegrounds while leveling from 80-85 plus after leveling completion. This is the spec I would likely play in a rated bg as well.

What are your biggest quality-of-life issues? For instance, no longer requiring ammo could be considered a quality-of-life improvement for hunters.
Feral (bear): profession item creation in form (lack of)
Feral (kitty): profession item creation in form (lack of), being officially Feral (cat) and not Feral (kitty)
Moonkin: not a fan of the balence power thing.
Heals: *crickets*

What makes playing your class more fun?
General: Shifting to Feral (kitty) despite spec for dash
Feral (bear): being able to shift to kitty for dps
Feral (kitty): being able to shift to bear in a pinch
Moonkin: being able to heal in a pinch
Heals: jumping while healing. I feel carefree when jumping, helps relieve stress.

What makes playing your class less fun?
General: the fact that we are parts of other classes. bear is a part of warrior but not quite as awesome as a warrior, kitty is part rogue but not as awesome as a rogue. everyone comments that druids have x and y spell so can be brought for those spells but x and y spell are only ever good for casters.
Feral (bear): hunters having scatter shot so early in the leveling process.
Feral (kitty): rogues and feral kats are the only two classes that MUST be behind a target for some of their damaging spells. I personally think that other classes should have position requirements on spells if they are melee dps as well, that or get rid of the requirement please, good players already know they need to be behind to do better damage and are already there so requiring it for a spell to be used is pretty pointless if it isnt across the board on all melee dps characters.
Moonkin: balence power
Heals: casted heals

How do you feel about your “rotation”? (Rotation is the accepted order in which abilities are used to maximum efficiency.
(yeah, this got longer than I realized)
Feral (bear): thank the gods for lowering the cd on swipe. My god that was hard. I like the recent changes to tank threat at the beginning of an encounter but honestly, the reason for most people pulling isnt because the tank cant gain threat but because the dps dont let the tank get to the mob before starting their rotation.
Feral (kitty): on longer fights prior to the 25% threshold for blood in the water's ferocious bite to refresh rip I find that I am holding out on a ferocious bite to refresh a rip on a target. I dont understand why the threshold is applied to ferocious bite if the rotation without cooldowns (on cd) cant support both ferocious bite and rip and as such we are sitting at full combo points waiting on rip to get to a point where we can refresh it when we could have just bit the mob and also refreshed rip. I guess it would be similar to rogue poisons, after they have a stack of the one poison on the target it will instead apply the damage of the other poison (not taking into account abilities that strip the poison for quick damage). They dont even have to think about it, the dps after the initial application just continues to happen as long as they are attacking (and autoattacking at that!).
Moonkin: I have been following the changes even though I am not currently moonkin spec and am happy with the changes to most of the spells and the changes to what produces charges for moving the power bar. I never did like having to "game" the game to get awesome dps (yes, still happens but to a lesser extent).
Heals: the changes to going to a three heal model we lost something that can trigger swiftmend (aka lifebloom) and the whole "use your quick heal (regrowth)" thing comes with waste when you need to quick heal twice on the same person. I also understand that lifebloom is, for lack of a better term "leetsauce" but I find that the other hots are pretty bland for buffering damage and would love even a "non-leetsauce" lifebloom available to place on targets as well. that or phase out the hots for the class cause week hots + moderatly good casted heals kind of puts us in a position of not great raid heals and not great tank heals. I am unsure where we are supposed to be now in the healing circle and I feel, as a healer who has healed in previous expansions, pretty clunky and fall pretty much to almost only the three heal model for most of my healing needs.

What’s on your wish list for your class?
Feral General: the fact that we generally dont shift once we start an encounter unless it is for movement increase purposes makes our big cooldowns pretty worthless in differing specs. I generally am not going to innervate as a feral (not that ANYONE would innervate anyone else now) making the spell pretty worthless as a "you have a druid so you have x spell to use" if you are feral. Tranquility even as feral still does some nice healing but innervating as feral was laughable at best prior to the recent changes and rofl hysterically now after the changes.
Feral (bear): Rageless feral charge (bear), the bear is based on the warrior but we still have to use rage to charge instead of gaining rage from our charge. thorns castable without form change.
Feral (kitty): I am still finding ferocious bite frequently does less damage than the tooltip shows on a straight hit (no resists, absorbs, deflects, glancing blows blahitys). It confounds me. thorns castable without form change.
Moonkin: taking into account moonkin play and my lack of it I am gonna decline wishing for moonkin things. as moonkin, if I am getting hit i am doing it wrong, I dont need thorns, why is thorns a moonkin talent?
Heals: hotless quick heal.

What spells do you use the least?
Feral General: the free nature based non instant spell associated with predetory strikes. probably pretty nice while leveling but my leveling is long past. I love the first part of predetory strikes but the second part just seems pretty *awesome, lets tack something non feral into the feral tree on a talent that only benefits ferals* it isnt going to make someone shift to caster to get off a instant heal to a buddy and I find that it would probably be more awesome in a leveling build than tacked to a talent for a damage increase (it is being wasted on anyone who is 85 in a group and if someone at 85 needs healed quickly, I aint gonna wait for the buff before shifting).
Feral (bear): non feral bear spells. thorns.
Feral (kitty): non feral or heal spells. thorns.
Moonkin: feral spells. thorns.
Heals: feral spells. thorns.

and yes. I brought up thorns. a most usesful talent for a feral locked into a moonkin.

This is the original I typed up, took quite a long time, and then it took almost equally as long cutting it by a good 3k characters.

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